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How do you sell land so cheap?

We sort through 1000's of properties to find the very best deals to pass on to our customers. We know by giving super deals on land you will come back again and again.

Do you own the land on this website?

Yes, we own each property and sell directly to customers with no third party involved. This is one of the reasons we can sell land so inexpensively.

What is your guarantee policy?

We guarantee all our properties for 30 days. This is a "no questions asked" guarantee. If you are unhappy for any reason, we will refund your purchase price or you may exchange for another property in our inventory. The $495 document fee is not part of the purchase price and is non-refundable.

Can I visit the property before I purchase it?

Absolutely! We encourage you to visit the property first, just please be courteous to any neighbors. Just get ahold of us and we will supply you with the location and GPS coordinates. We do not show properties. You are welcome to go visit them yourself.

How does buying land online work?

It may seem strange at first but it is really quite simple. You have 2 options, "BUY IT NOW" or "FINANCE IT NOW". If you choose BUY IT NOW you own the property as soon as we receive full payment for it. We will then convey the property to you and have it recorded in your name at the county. If you choose to FINANCE IT NOW you will be guided through check out, just choose the payment terms that fit your needs and pay the down payment and doc. fee at check out. We will send you a Land Contract and Promissory Note via email to sign also. Once you have completed check out you have reserved the property and will own it once all the payments are made. When the payments are complete we will convey the property over to you and have the property recorded in your name.

How does your payment program work?

We offer owner financing to make it easy for anyone to become land owners. We use a standard Land Contract and Promissory Note for the loan. These will be sent to you after checkout on our site. There is a one time non refundable financing setup document fee. You simply choose the payment amount and schedule that fits your budget and your credit / bank card will be automatically billed monthly until paid off. When the payments are complete and the property is paid off we will convey the property to you. There is no prepayment penalty, you may make extra payments or pay your loan off at any time. We encourage you to pay it off early and can offer you 10% off your remaining balance if paid off early in cash.

When can I start using the property after I buy it?

You are welcome to begin using the property as soon as you'd like, regardless of whether you choose to pay for the property in full or finance it. We only ask that you follow all county (and association rules if applicable) rules and regulations and remain current on your land loan and property tax payments.

If I use owner financing who pays the property taxes and HOA dues?

As a property owner the yearly property taxes are your responsibility. The taxes are prorated and added to the monthly payments. Luckily taxes on raw land are very low so it is typically only a few dollars per month. If there are any HOA (home owner association) dues, they are also the buyers responsibility and will be added to the monthly payment schedule as well.

Do I get the mineral rights with the property?

In most cases the mineral rights are NOT included with the property. Unfortunately is it a complicated and expensive process to research mineral rights in the property's history. Assume there are NO mineral rights included unless otherwise stated in the property's description.